Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Balayage vs Ombré : What is the difference?

One of our most popular types of hair coloring technique is Balayage and Ombre! 
Most people are not sure what one to choose. Well were going to help you understand the two. Ombre has been the most popular however,balayage had also joined the beauty trends and is becoming high demand.

Ombré is a dark color fading lighter. They may be different colors in general but it is 
supposed to be a smooth, transitioning gradient (not a dip-dye, where there is a sharp line separating the two). You can also try a reverse Ombre. 

Now balayage is a bit similar but definitely not the same. Typically balayage is all about looking natural. The front (your bangs area) and the ends of your hair (especially the top layer where the sun hits) are lighter than the rest. They should be subtle - not as dramatic as the ombré. In general, this approach is a free-hand dying process instead of the way ombré is even all over. Both may be a DIY project, however, it may be a harder process to do alone. In order to lighten, you must use bleach but we have an amazing product called olaplex and it keeps your hair from breaking while using the bleach. So normally we can take you much lighter then before and with no Breakage. That's the best part.

Balayage is more of a subtle natural look and usually lighter in the front. Imagine how hair would appear to look from natural sunlight as well as vertical free hand stands of hair; similar to highlights. Ombré is a little more dramatic, the dye basically goes straight across but still a gradient. Sometimes they may really include both, but usually more of one than the other.

Will you give one a try? Which one do you like better? 
Give us your thoughts we love to hear them. Call to book a free consultation and always bring a photo of what you are trying to achieve 


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